Converting AC to OBA system

I’ve just read an article in JP mag describing how you can convert your AC system into an on board air system. Do any of you have any experience with this? Any input/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks - Jonathan

Calling Gene, Bill, Ricky . . . .

Gene has it done to his YJ

its pretty simple…

just need a tank, a pressure switch, some plumbing supplies rated for the job, a regulator, pressure relief valve, and an oiler before the pump or the pump will burn out

the electrics are easy to, basicly an on/off switch in the cab. i would make it have power only when running, as not to drain the battery accidentally

You can avoid the oiler if you do a couple simple mods to the compressor.

Remove the back plate of the compressor, tap the oiler port (i tapped to 1/4"-20) and insert a set screw with lock-tite. Then, unscrew the oiler plug in the body of the compressor, and thread in a 1/8" NPT grease zirk. Pump in about a cup worth of grease, and you should be good.

When i did my oba i used

Breather tube filter
Inline tool oiler
Air/oil seperator

I used a regulator/pressure releaf/electric cut off. From a cheap 110 compressor.

Iused my rear bumper as a tank.

I did it and if was to start over, I’d get a co2 tank. Sander compressor just too slow. I got it set up with a oiler to start, then compressor then to 1.5gal tank+ tube bumper tank. Then dryer to air outlet

what would be the running capacity of the AC pump I would prefer something with enough to run impact gun for tire changes.

that i dont know.

That depends more on the size of the tank.


My setup (Converted Sanden a/c compressor, currently no tank) airs my 33’s up from 8 to 34lbs in less that 1 minute per tire. I’ve read that with a 2.5 gallon tank, I could run an impact gun to pull tires, although it may get a bit tired by the 5th lug. We shall see…