Computer fix

My pc is not working as it should, is there anyone here that can get rid of a virus that it may have? Xfinity wants $130.00 to fix it so I figured I’d give this a shot first. Thanks.

I would hit up best buy and just grab a CD of some antiviral software. they have several. What exactly is it doing?

Plenty of free anti virus programs available.

AVG Free is what I use, and if things really go south, HitMan Pro and/or Trend Micro Housecall

All can be downloaded for free.

I agree with mike. I use them as well.

As stated AVG (free version) is a great antivirus software. Download Malwarebytes ( to get rid of those pesky little trogans that like to take control of your browser changing settings and cause redirects. Read carefully when installing either product as they come with a free version choice and a “trial” version choice. Always choose the free version selection, otherwise the product will only work for the trail period and then will quit unless you purchase it.

Also if your running the crap that Xfinity/Comcast gives you for free (Norton/McAfee) unload the entire suite BEFORE loading AVG. Norton/McAfee will cause problems with AVG, especially in an older Windows OS.

I would be willing to look at it if you can not fix it yourself. I am in cumberland. If I can’t fix it I have a friend that definitely could.

I have a free cd of linux… in any flavor you want. You will never have a virus again :ugeek: