company to purchase skid plates and side bars

I am starting to save up for the oil skid plate and sidebars. Have done a little looking online. Suggestions as to what is a good company to purchase from.

thank you


what do you have for a rig and what kind of budget do you have in mind?

Personally I have a set of Body Armor rock rails that came off my TJ and a set of poison spyder rock rails that were never mounted by me… the price for stuff like that ranges from 50 for factory TJ rock rail frame protector to 600+ new in box poison spyder stuff. I buy most of my stuff used to save a small bundle over retail…

Jeff, she has a 2015 JK. I like the rubicon rocksliders. I abuse the hell out of mine and they stand up well. You want a skid that covers both oil pan and tranny.

I’ve just gone through this. I like the rubicon sliders a lot but there are some alternatives if you want something that acts as a step. One is just installing the Ace Rock Sliders on top of the rubi rails. Another more economical and lighter weight solution is JCR’s Enhanced Rubicon Rails.

For belly armor, there are three popular companies that make starter sets - EVO, Rock Hard, and River Raider. I personally went with EVO and got them installed on the open tech day. EVO was the cheapest of the group. Rock Hard has the best reputation, but people seemed impressed by the EVOs. These sets will all cover your oil pan, transmission, and exhaust crossmember. Your fuel tank and evap canister come with skid plates, but I’ve been told the evap canister skids are not very effective.

There are two more classes of armor - body armor (think corner panels, etc), and suspension armor (think control arms, etc). Suspension armor may be a term that I made up in my head just now. I don’t know anything about these two categories so I choose to keep my mouth shut.

I don’t like anything with a step on the trail. More likely to get hung up and cause more damage

I respectfully disagree. I use mine as a pivot point to get around rocks and such. Keeps the rest of the body safer.

^ I think he was talking about his leg!

The rock sliders we had before our boat sides got the job done. It wasn’t until the jeep feel 3 feet onto another boulder that it failed but that was also after a few years of abuse lol Ricky also used it as a pivot point as well and they do a good job of protecting the body. We had Fab Four but Poison Spyder and River Raider make great products too. I love river raiders skid plate designs. :smiling_imp:


Proper stout side steps serve to deflect the tub and body away from the obstacles, I have used my sliders as a pivot point countless times. Also being ummm “stout” a step helps me enter the Jeep. I have a pair of Body Armor sliders for my JKU that I pulled off of my 07 before I sold it. As soon as I have a chance to grind the rust off and paint them them they are going onto my JKU. I was also sold these as a protection against a t-bone accident when on the road. They will for sure stop a honda civic in its tracks with minimal damage to my Jeep…

thank you for all the replies. 2015 jk. I am glad I posted now while saving. Lots to think about. My main concern foremost is protecting the oil pan etc. before I offroad again I want that on. I am starting my second seasonal job this week. should not take to long.