coming soon!!

a friend of mine recently bought a 99 tj, of which he is swapping a 4bt into it, hence the 4.0l is being removed and sold to me…cant wait. although i will need to gather ecm and wire harness as well as a tranny. this project is scheduled for winter 2013/14

woo :smiley:



Changed his mind about putting a 4BT in the Bronco? Good!

Now we can let him join the club!!!

He sold the bronco to my friend Greg, who also wants to come wheeling with us. Sadly, dean doesn’t seem too interested in wheeling the jeep. He’s afraid of scratching the frame, skid plates and getting the tires dirty

lol, we’ll get him out there. i’m sure once this years wheeling is over you’ll be super pumped to get the 4.0 in there

another 2.5l jeep gone :cry:

It won’t be missed

I am going to have to become his friend… I want to swap a 4bt into my jeep :smiling_imp:

any thoughts on this? this is an obd2 engine. from everything i have gathered searching the web this swapping obd1 to obd2 is kinda a pain in the ass. converting the wiring seems to be the major issue. trying to get as much info before i disappoint dean and tell him im not taking the engine. i know of coarse a 350 would be best, just trying to simplify this future project and hopefully keep costs down


I’m on the tail end of a obd 1 swap into my CJ. For you, it may be as simple as swapping engine harnesses out of a 91-95yj, although I am not sure. Worst case you would need to splice the 2 harnesses together, which is not all that hard. OBD2 is a bit more complex, and for me, the challenges outweighed the benifits, so I stuck to OBD 1

That said, I should be firing over the next couple weeks, so we’ll see if I got it all correct!