Cold Air Intakes

So, RI has adopted the California emissions. I am looking for a cold air intake system for my jeep but they are not legal here in RI for K&N, AEM, etc. What does everyone think I should do?

Buy the part use it, and swap it out with factory when I have to renew the emissions for registration?

Or will it pass with out having to do all of that?

part numbers

K&N= Quadratec Part No: 17127.100
Manufacturer Part No: 63-1553

Air Raid= Quadratec Part No: 17008.105
Manufacturer Part No: 310-208

i would probably pass but i dont really know. run it, if it fails swap in the old setup and go again.

We did? :open_mouth:

Well, it says illegal in CA and states following the same EO. RI falls on that list.

I think I am just going to do it, but hold onto the stock part and put it on whenever I do emissions.

DId we get numbers for the 4WD discounts???

Well they gave it to me anyways, but said I needed some number from the club? Cold Air Intake on it’s way!!!

ya they give us account numbers but glad they gave you the discount without it.

The last thing we need is to start following the lead of CA. Its bad enough here as it is.

welcome to RI where Its not what you know but who you know

I can still remember back in the day when the first cars with emissions bull shit started coming around here we used to call them California cars :laughing:

Lol, I’m from Nevada and we have now law! Lol off-road there means any where you can turn off road do it! Lol modifications go for it! Lol RI to many laws and taxes!!! Lol

Anybody want to help me install it next week? Says its like a 30 minute job, but I don’t have a lot of tools since I travel so much. So I don’t have the socket set to take out the engine bolt. Anyone that has a garage or would like to just point me in the right direction. It has been years since I have really been under a car damn traveling the world…(military) not spoiled!! Well any help would be appreciated I will throw in the 12 pack!!

just give a shout when it comes in. i’ve never installed one but it should be pretty easy.

Yea looking at the directions it should take no more than an hour. The only thing is the engine bolt I have to take out to attach a mount adapter to it. So I am just unsure about torch pounds on that bolt or what not. Gosh I hate I have not been in a garage in forever!!! But I would appreciate the help for sure!!!

Thanks!!! Should be here Monday so anytime next week you are free…

I’ll help if needed. I’ve done a few on my trucks, not a jeep. Shouldn’t be much different. I’m in tiverton. Just shoot me a pm. Oh yeah, I only have a driveway, no garage

Thanks! Well it’s all I have also! haha and mine is not even paved!!! haha… I would appreciate any help!!!

I just looked where Tiverton is and you are close, I am down in middletown…

Yeah I know. We met at the cookout:… sorry I forget your name though. I saw you the other day on Green End Ave.

Is it john