Clutch bn install

So I just did a transmission last tuesday well it dont shift well. I bought a new centerforce dual friction clutch I think my clutch is junk. I need some help pully the transmission yet again. Im thinking friday night or some point saturday. It will be done in a heated garage again and will be beer and food.

And I need a pitman arm puller im having some bumpsteer I have to put a drop pitman on.

I might be able to help out depending on when you decide to do it.

Both days work for me …

I will be at the beer summit in Boston Friday night. And hence unavailable Saturday morning. :mrgreen:

I have a pitman arm puller. If I can remember I will bring it with me tomorrow. We can work out how to drop it off.

i’ll be around this weekend so just let me know when your going to start working and where

Ok it will be my work if friday night ill start around 6ish.

ok, just let me know if you get started on friday

Lookin like saturday lol gf made dinner plans.

Saturday will work for me. Just let me know the time and address.

Ok 1417 atwood ave johnston im hoping for around noon. Pm me ur number

So I think my jeep hates me lol. Well first off snaped the bell housing bolt then on my way home the rear drive shaft blew up. Soo good old AAA came and picked me up.