Clunk in rear diff

So got the truck on the ground, everything is all set, drive it out of the garage,
I have a clunk in the rear diff, didn’t have time to investigate today though any ideas?

It’s def the dif? Could it be the drive shaft?

I didn’t get a chance to pull the shaft off, it drfinately seems more related to wheel speed.


not normal locker noises, steady clunking when going straight.
Are you coming to the Oxford or what? I’ll be there at like 6:30-7.


I fixed it!
The threads from pinion were still binding against the u-joint,
So I cut them off. I still have some driveline vibrations after adjusting the pinion angle but nowhere as bad as before. I will probably rebuild the driveshaft in the future.

I’m in Atlantic City this weekend.

Sounds better than providence, lol :slight_smile: