CJ7 Tailgate On A TJ

i have not received my tailgate and hinges yet, but i worked on making brackets for the chain system today…

so today i went out and bought a new grinder, some 1/8" x 1/8" x 1" angle, 4 feet of stainless steel tailgate chain, 2 2" stainless steel “s” hooks, 2 stainless steel quick links.

i cut 4 pieces of the angle @ 2.75" long. in 2 of them i drilled 3 3/8" holes, each 1/4" apart from each other. starting .5" from the end. in the other 2 i drilled one 3/8" hole .5" from the edge. rounded all the corners to match each other.

heres one bracket

heres the other that goes with it. i welded one of the quick links on backwards (my chain link will not go over the nut) , but you get the idea

how they will work together

the chain

and heres the other set… spaced out with 3 washers to show the spacing im thinking of using with these brackets

and lastly this is how the chain is supposed to go on

here an update… i got hope to one package. just my hinges… i got on ups.com and it ssai both the hinges and the tail gate were delivered. so i call the up, and after 2 hours they figure out that it was sent to the house 12 houses down from me… so i got a late start on this…

note the welds are not pretty, i ran out of wire half way through, and then out of gas. and i ran out of light… so ill have to get on them with a flapper wheel and pray that i don’t f’ anything up anymore than it already is.

i hate when easy projects fight you every step of the way.

nice bumper sticker :laughing:

are you going to coat the chain?

the chain is stainless, so ti wont rust, but i am going to sleeve it so it doesnt eat the paint.

i ground down all the welds, and re welded them, with big, ugly, welds… but they look more uniform ish… still not pretty but i give up.

i had some silver paint, so i started painting the tailgate to match the jeep for now…

heres a pic of he painted tailgate

all i have left to do now is to get some chain covers

also i had my mechanic install some nutserts to replace my self tappers.

looks pretty slick. do you carry a spare tire?

no not right now, i carry tire plugs, and have free towing though insurance… i want to build a tire carrier when i move