As much as I hate to do this, it’s for sale.


Paul, post the www. link the one you have up is an email address

This link appears to be an e-mail address. But I found it:


So what are you going to do? Buy a bigger boat instead?

dont sell it you will kick yourself in the ass

wish I had the money for it. :cry:

Thanks Eric. I bought the Harley and I’m trying to keep the peace with the boss. I really don’t want to sell it but she says otherwise! Hmmmmmm…I wonder how much I could get for her? LOL

What? :astonished: An un-understanding wife??? I’ll talk to her for you Paul! :laughing:

Forget about talking to her, I’ve tried that already. I’m thinking about putting her on Craigslist next! LOL


Have you sold this jeep yet?

Not yet. I got a ton of calls on it but not one person showed up to look at it! :angry:

By jeep, do you mean jeep… or wife? :smiley:

hey Paul, a quick question…

3 or 4 speed? (looks to be t-150 3-speed)


4 speed (t-176 w/Dana 300)

If you mean hows the windshield, its in good shape.

i think whether its a fiberglass tub or not… but i’m not sure.

No fiberglass, all steel. You thinking about buying it?