CJ5 doors for free

I’ve got a friend who has a pair of CJ5 doors that hes looking to get rid of. They’re white and according to him “In pretty good shape”

He wouldn’t turn down a six pack, but hes not looking for any money.

Any interest?

TEX might want them.


Tex will take them!

Forward my info please.

Anyone have a matching hard top? :sunglasses:

He doesn’t mention whether the doors are soft or hard but I’m guessing soft doors.

I would think hard. I’ve never seen white soft doors…

I own a set of CJ5 Whitco white soft doors.

Being the Northeast they could be hard.

In all honesty I don’t really know. He stopped by my desk at work yesterday and said “do you know anyone who would want a pair of white CJ5 doors for free?” I said I could make a post and see if anyone needs any and then he nodded and walked off lol.

He isn’t in today so I cant ask him, but I can certainly relay any questions to him on Monday or alternatively give his number to anyone who wants it.

Let me know.

Well I just called him up to ask and he actually has TWO sets of soft doors.

Just FYI his number is 401-644-6317. His name is Mark but he goes by Biscuit (Yes, seriously). Just call him up and figure out a time to pick them up.


Thank You