check engine light

hey all, just noticed my check engine came on. 04 grand w/4.0 it came on at just about 60,000 miles. now i assume this just means its maintenance time… but figured id double check here. we all know what they say about assumptions.

do this … -they-mean

it works with all Chrysler products, just write down the code you get, and google it like this code "jeep" modle year

it works for me, and it cheaper than a code reader

check your gas cap

or go to autozone. they read codes for free

Trade it in for a 90YJ! :laughing:

thanks all… i actually checked my gas cap, unscrewed it, put it back on and the light went off??? is it a back pressure thing?

It could be that it wasn’t put back on right or was faulty. That is always the first thing you look at when your engine light comes on… (WOW! I actually knew something!!!)

i never would have thought that. is that just on the newer jeeps? because i drove a couple miles once before i realized i didnt even put the gas cap on after filling up.

It’s for any car. Used to happen all the time in my Grand Prix… If the cover doesn’t go on right, it will come on. Also, if you crack the gas cap the same thing will happen.

It’s true, years ago the inspection station would’ve given me a rejection sticker if I didn’t replace the gas cap on my 97 F150! I guess it’s a pressure thing.