Changing Dana 30 U-Joints

Tools I Used:
3/8 Drive Ratchet
3/8 Drive Sockets (13mm 6 Point, 13mm 12 Point)
old socket to be used a punch
Slot Head Screw Driver
19mm Lug Wrench

First and formost, jack her up and suport her… then remove tires using lug wrench

then remove the 2 bolts holding the brake calipers on (13mm 6 Point)\

next remove the 3 bolts holding on the wheel bearing (13mm 12 Point) and if you need use a hammer and some pb’laster to break them loose

once the 3 bolts are removed, the axle/wheel hub assy will just slid out

repeat the same for the other side

next remove all clips on each u-joint (4 per u-joint)

the new joints

they are greasable, pictured with out zerk fitting

using the vise to support the axle, and a old socket to use as a punch, and tap the u-joint all the way to on side and the u-joint cap will just pop off, then reverse and tap the u-joint all the way to the other side untill the other cap pops out, once all caps are removed the u-joint can be removed. heres one half way removed,

next remove the caps of the new j-oint very carefuly …

next insert the u-joint

next insert on of the caps and hold the u-joint agaist it

and tap in

repeat on the other side

and dont forget to insert the clips

repeat to do the other side of the u-joint

im sure you can used the vise to press them in, but i didn’t (the photo is for visal only)

install the zerk fittings, then put it all back together… i used loc-tite because im paranoid lol

another great write up. thanks

thanks… its the best part of doing work on my jeep :mrgreen:

nice job, very handy to know

the job is extremly easy… just as long as you dont forget about the clips like me :blush: :laughing:

sweet, heading out to do this now

nice write up… Only one note. Some people choose to weld the cups in place. Makes it a pain to change… but, they don’t fall out.

wow, never heard of that. i wouldn’t 1.) those clips do a d@mn good job of hold’n those cups in place. and 2.) I dont think that they are desined for that :open_mouth:

Couple of thoughts…
1 - the $39 harbor freight ball and u-joint press is definitely worth the $. Makes removal a snap with an impact wrench… getting them started straight is easier too.
2 - if you can’t get the hubs out use a deep socket with the hub side yoke flat (pinion side of the shaft vertical) put it in between the yoke and the axle housing. start the jeep and turn the wheel (depending on whether it’s in the front or rear of the shaft) and the rotation of the joint will press the yoke against the axle shaft and pop the hub out.

just bringing this over to a more relevant thread so we not clogging up JonnyRI’s inner axle seal thread:

alright, it ended up turning into a cake job by the last 2 caps… too bad i kicked the crap out of the rest of them

quick hint for anyone doing these. use a pair of pliers to hold a 1/2" socket or something just smaller than the cap. hit the cap once or twice to free it up a little. then use that same socket placed on the thick part of the ear and whack away. caps popped off in like 4-5 hits. turned out to be easy once we figured out how. i could do these things all day now if anybody need any help.

also NO ONE stocks Spicer Ujoints so order them before you plan to do this job.

[quote=“derickw"use a pair of pliers to hold a 1/2” socket[/quote]
thats what i did… well kinda :laughing:

also discount autoparts carries the ujoints