CB transmission

I also just installed the cobra 75, it has a 5 ft firestix, I put a SWR meter on it and supposedly everything is llooking good(if I’m using the meter right, which is questionable) but I’m not getting the signalout. I can hear some conversations but thats all. Does anyone know anything about these things or is there a shop that knows how to test and tune them?

What are you getting for your SWR reading on channel 20? It should read 2 or lower. A reading 3 or more can damage your CB. If the readings till look good then you may have a bad CB or a bad SWR meter.

Or a bad ground.

Does the firestik have the plastic washers separating it from the mount? if the antenna is grounding to the mount you are just killing the cb.

This should help you out…

the reading I’m getting is less than 1.5, and I’ll check again for the washer but I ran a separate ground wire to a hole I drilled in the wheel well under the carpet.Someone did answer me yesterday and said I was getting out, I guess this means its working now?? I’ll report as I keep trying.

The firestik SHOULD NOT be grounded to the body.

ya, i had a bit of the same problem because i put the plastic washer in the wrong spot.