CB Radio install

I’ve never owned a CB Radio, let alone used one.

However, i just bought my first one yesterday (Cobra 75WXST and a 4’ Firestick) and it will be shipped to me by next week. Not sure if anyone out there can offer some tips/advise on how to install in the Jeep. Of course i signed up for George Washington on January 13th, so i now have the added pressure of getting it operational before then.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are a few articles that might help with deciding where to mount the CB and how to get it all set up.

project-jk.com/jeep-jk-write-ups … odel-1001z
project-jk.com/jeep-jk-write-ups … n-write-up
jeepforum.com/forum/f96/best … n-1346210/


Thanks…these are much better walkthroughs than what i found.

I have that same CB in my TJ. I’ll be in Exeter most of the weekend if you want to check out how I installed mine. Didn’t take much beyond the electrical - it’s just zip-tied under the steering wheel, with the outlet for the mic pushed out through the rubber below the steering wheel. Way easy for connect/disconnect (keeps the thieves away - since I live in the city!). PM me if you wanna stop by and look at it.

i have mine mounted inside my center council. works well enough just had to drill a couple holes to feed the monster size antenna wire through. i ran all other wires under the carpet and through the center council so they are hidden.

I think i was sold on the Cobra 75 when i saw this instal.
For some reason i really didn’t want empty brackets or a CB radio hanging around when i wasn’t using it.

i’ll keep that in mind Roxie when i get the radio next week. Most likely i’ll be attempting my first install on 1/5 or 1/6.

I mounted mine inside the console as well… I had to install it through the plastic inner piece because it was longer and wider then the opening in the console…

i have the same radio and i like the idea of the compact size…easy install. i mounted the radio box under the dash, and power directly to the battery so the radio will operate at all times. my only gripe, not sure if there is an issue with the radio, or antenna not being “tuned”. but i can always hear everyones conversation, but when i press to talk, nobody can hear me unless they are close. havent had time to diagnose the prob for i have other projects on my plate. i guess i shall start with properly tuning the antenna.

Check your mike it might have a bad connection or just not working. Use some else mike to check. Good luck