Car Trailer

I need to get the jeep out of the shop this weekend.

I am looking for some one willing to tow my jeep about 2 miles from the shop to my house.

If you can’t find one let me know and I’ll give you my AAA number and we can just have them tow it back.

I’m about to buy a car hauler but I’m not giving the guy cash until he produces the title. Very slim chance that will happen before this weekend though.

i have a trailer

how old is the trailer. not sure you need one. i dont think i had one when i registered mine

Two months. The reason why he does not have a title is it was just registered two weeks ago. According to DMV I need a bill of sale and “proof of prior ownership” (i.e. a title)

I just went to the DMV yesterday to register both my vehicles. They told me it would take about 10 buisiness days for them to send the new title out to me.

:open_mouth: are you a Rhode Islander now Chris?

Only half. Lol the subaru and Jeep say Rhode Island. My motorcycle and license are still Massachusetts.

You guys sure know how to hijack a thread . . .

hey as far as i see it the triple A offer is the easiest bet

oh look something shinny… wanna ride bikes…

:open_mouth: holy hi-jack batman!

thanks for the offer J, but i didn’t want to make you drive from tiverton to coventry just to move my junk :unamused:

thanks chris, I might have someone that can tow it Friday, but if that falls through, ill give you a call.