Car Hauler?

Does any one have a car hauler i can load my mostly disassembled f150 onto to drag it down to the scrap yard. I would need it for about a week so i can finish striping drive train with out destroying my neighbors lawn completely,

I have one. The middle is open though, not sure if that would make it difficult for you to pull the truck on

It may but I can tell he is getting upset with the fact it’s still in his yard.
When is good for you for you
How would you like to handle the movement of it?

You can come pick it up. I’ll be around most of the weekend. Also, there may be a chance I am heading up towards Eric’s on Sunday. If I do I can bring it with me. Otherwise you’d have to come here

Ok let me know. If you don’t come this way I should be able to break free from popcorn sales on Sunday around noonish

Don’t think I’m making it today