Can anyone help me diagnose a problem,, I can come to you.

Ever since I had my jeep, there was always a little noise/feeling when letting off the gas at high speed in 5th, and slightly in 4th gear (YJ, AX5 5speed, 4cyl). Hard to describe in words, felt like a quick rubbing/grinding, only slightly and would only happen when letting off gas slowly. Didn’t really bother me but today it sounds horrible, can’t describe the noise but it doesn’t sound good. Happens at the same time as before, just sounds worse.

I’m a marine tech (still a rookie) so I’m usually good with finding mechanical problems but I’m in no way an expert on transmission/clutch problems… I can fix it if pointed in the right direction… But would rather not pay for a diagnostic when maybe someone here can help me (will compensate for your time, or buy you a 12 pack of your favorite beer… whatever :mrgreen: ) You can drive, or sit in pass seat and I’ll show ya what it’s doing.

Message me on here or shoot me a text 401 280 5638 I live in Cranston but will come to you as long as your not too far away haha. I just want to make sure this isn’t something that’s going to bust the day before Go Topless Day!!

My uneducated guess is throw out bearing maybe? Clutch and trans seem fine, shifts fine etc. but again, I have no clue and rather not go guessing, replacing parts until it’s fixed.


if you can to come to coventry, I might be able to help. pm sent

i would start with checking the rear driveshaft. i’ve had the centering bearing go and made me thing there was something wrong with the tranny.

I was thinking the same thing. Noise upon deceleration often points to the driveshaft.

had a very similar noise, it got much much worse today, I just checked my rear ds and the center u-joint is toast.

its really not that hard of a job to do. google the fix. hardest part is figuring out what type of centering unit bearing you have. as far as ujoints… i always go with Spicer and they have treated me right. they go bad but you honestly wont find a better ujoint for the price. crown in Canton always has them in stock and if you want; i’ll around that way at least twice a week and can pick them up for you.

jeeps come stock with 1310 ujoints … ft-rebuild

You guys know your stuff haha because I think that’s some of the problem. Gene from the club checked my Jeep out today and noticed my yoke is lose/worn and one of the u-joints are worn. Going to try a new drive shaft and hope no damage happened to output shaft.

i was in the same spot a week ago. he actually came by and helped me out, lol