Bump Steer

so whats better than a cup of coffee to wake you up in the AM. how about some ridiculous bump steer and death wobble at 70mph and every 5 minutes after while on your way into work…

i’m at a loss. last night i went though the entire truck making sure bolts were tight and everything was greased. drove to work this morning and almost lost it on the highway. for the most part the truck runs smooth and doesn’t do anything too unpredictable. hit a small bump and the thing turns from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. i had slight issues with this before even with the other axle so i’m starting to think it might have something to do with my trackbar and drag link angles. i think i need more lift in the front end to straighten the geometry out. i installed the Clayton trackbar and bracket which is made for a 4"+ lift and i only have 3.5" in the front

anybody have any input?

How’s your hub assembly? I had an 87 cheerokee 6" lift and a death wobble. Turned out to be my hub was shot.

i thought they were fine. i’ll have to pull a tire and see if there is any play. well headed home from work, wish me luck. either that or i turn into a guard rail and sort this whole mess out with the insurance company… :neutral_face:

Step one is to have somebody cycle the steering while you watch for play in any of the components. Maybe do this tonight before the game.

I’d also beef up that steering stabilizer with a Rancho unit.

What is your caster angle? The bigger the (positive) angle the more likely you will get shimmy.

Are you still using the stock Pitman Arm? I know the play in my aftermarket one was causing me to have bump steer when I would hit a bump. They say that your track bar and drag link are to be as parallel to each other.

too many drinks to be productive right now

stock pitman arm. drag link and trackbar mounting points are parallel. i’ll have to cycle the steering to see whats going on.

every time i hit a bump going over 45 i see my life flash before my eyes. let me tell you, its a short and sad scene of which I’d rather not resee. sad thing is i’m getting used to having to pull off and back on the highway :cry:

My problem ended up being some control arm bushings that were marginal at best. Replaced, and everything is fine now. All the bolts were tight but I had to have someone cycle the steering with me under the front end to really see how bad they were.

How are your ball joints ?

i just pressed brand new moogs in

thanks for swinging by Eric.

i ended up pulling the lower control arm, axle end bolts and adding a washer at the nut end because it was missing. i think the nut ran out of threads on the bolt and wasn’t tightening correctly. i also fixed my steering stabilizer, drag link end, mount. out of laziness i didn’t put the Currie through bolt in when i originally installed the upgraded steering. took it for a quick ride and everything felt good and no DW.


Anything loose or worn could give you DW, i was having the shakes and DW once in awhile badly, but after putting in a upgraded stabilizer i still have some shakes but seems like the DW issue has gone away

mine went away after getting new rims. one was bent i guess. must have taken driving lessons from eric :smiley:

my DW goes away when I put the jeep on a trailer. :laughing:

:smiley: some day. maybe after i finish paying this one off

bump steer in my rig is scary at times. i removed both track bars last summer to correct shackle alignment, and have yet to replace the front with an adjustable bar. from what i have read, is that with a lift, the use of a proper drop pitman will help mitigate steering issues.

On a leaf sprung rig you want the drag link as close to horizontal as possible to minimize bump steer. I’d ditch the track bars and get a drop pitman arm.

i don’t think you even need the trackbars. drop pitman arm should solve your problem.