Buckwheats tires for a set of 31's.....

Looking to trade Buckwheats tires/wheels for a set of 31x10.5 on wheels for my daily driver(03 TJ) preferably all 5.
Most of you have seen these tires…their 33x12.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler MT R’s (the older style) NOT THE KEVLARs, custom cut tread pattern. Rear have 60-75% tread left, front have about 50%, and the spare is a 33x12.5 BFG MT not sure if its KM1 or 2(only good for a spare)…All 5 mounted on 15x8 soft 8’s. Would not recommend these for a daily driver, but their great for a trail rig. rims have a couple dings and dents but all hold air, and no wobble at 60mph.(really don’t want to drive that thing any faster than that)

Hey just a Q what’s up with the wrangler mt r. Why are they no good for DD. I’m looking for some tires and don’t want to get anything I’m going to regret. Thanks

As far as I know they’ve been on Buckwheat, its been a trail rig. Some of the treads are chunked and chewed up a little, and the rims arn’t very pretty…couple of dings and dents, I havn’t driven the jeep that much, so I’m not 100% positive how they are on the road…but their great in the woods so far. I personally wouldn’t put them on my daily driver. Also…I with the solid lug, their more than likely not too good in the snow either. I just feel their best suited for a trail rig.