BTF Jeep YJ Front Tube Fenders (DIY Kit)

Ok so i ordered this kit from 4wd hardware’s website, but i apparently ordered the ones for a YJ instead of a TJ because there fitment guide says it fits the tj and due to the fact that i didn’t pay attention but nothing matches up on the tj so these are up for sale cause i don’t wanna deal with 4wd hardware’s return policy

Part Number: BTF01017
The “BTF Jeep YJ Front Tube Fenders (DIY Kit)” is a great product choice for the home builder. This kit comes with all the pieces you need to build your own tube fenders. The kit includes steel plate pieces that bolt to the grill and to the tub. It also includes fender tops that have a large flange on the inside of the engine bay for mounting accessories along with 1 1/4"x.120 wall tube that is bent to connect the grill to the tub. All of the plate pieces are laser cut from 1/8" high-strength steel. This is a builders kit.

This kit has to be welded together and is shipped unpainted.
I paid 167.99
But OSJ can have them for the Blue torch price of $159.00
putting this on fb and neow if i can remember my log in for it

WTF. That sucks. You going to get the right ones for a TJ?

yes sir i am

i would be interested but this 8.8 build of mine has taken my wallet for quite the ride.

let me know if/when they sell…justin case

tell me about it. but it will all be worth it the first time you wheel it

just an fyi, I will take a check from osj members also,

I’ll barter my carpentry services for them

Unfortunately Jay I have my own carpentry skills, and i need the cash to buy the new ones

Jeff, put 'em on NEJZ, someone should want them

Jay needs them. Wha cho waitin fur boyah.

jay has no money :frowning: