Brake line repair

Finally got around to fixing the brake line that blew out during Novembers trail ride. I’ve been putting it off because I knew it would be a nightmare accessing the fitting where the line enters the ABS pump. I had to remove the airbox and windshield washer reservoir in order to unbolt the ABS pump so that I could create enough clearance to get a wrench in there.

Here is what I found when I opened up the airbox:

This is on the BACK side of the air filter mind you. I have no idea how critters could have found their way in there.

Here is the brake line that blew out. The vice grips were the trail fix. Dead center in the second pic you can see the crack in the line. I used a piece of coat hanger as template to guide bending the new brake line:

Blue arrow points at the fitting I needed to access:

Everything ripped apart:

Done (for now):

This is actually a temporary fix. The plan is to rip out the ABS pump and plumb in an adjustable proportioning valve with all new brake lines.

sweet!!! lets go wheeling

your welcome to play on my rocks. I’m home all day today.