body mounts/sliders

hopefully next saturday the 10th, i will be ready to install new body mounts and sliders if all goes well. i started this weekend, but ended up breaking some of the mounting bolts (still cant get them out), and also didnt have new bushing sleeves. i will also have to try to fab up a new front body mount as the one existing is rotted out. hence, a second set of hands would be helpful.


I’ll be around next saturday. just let me know what time to show up.

cool, thanks chris. no fall crawl for you?

na, I’m in the process of trying to save up to have my complete exaust replaced so that I can pass mass inspecion. My sticker was up in May.

Let me kno jay im the yj guy haha been threw it all.

I’ll be ready any time after 9am. I’ll just have to hunt down new bolts this week. Gene, if you come down, maybe could you bring your welder, I’ll reimburse you for what wire we use. Chris, drop me a line end of the week…401.297.9354. Thanks guys

Im workin sat mornin just found out :frowning: I will deff let you kno whats up thoo

How did you make out on Sunday with patching the floor back up? were you able to install the rocker guards as well?

ah…yes, patching the floor. Seeing as how this was really my first time welding. I learned that I should have turned down the setting on the welder as I burnt a couple dime size holes in the drivers floor. Aft F’ing that up, things went better. Passenger side came out great. But, after applying the new Herculiner, cant really tell other than that there is new lining on the floor. Sliders…went well, but. Did not reinstall the seats before sliders. If you remmeber, the drivers seat has two posts that need to be fastened from the underside of the tub. OFF CAME THE F’ING SLIDER. All considering, Sunday was only 2-1/2 hours. Thanks again Chris for all the help, wouldnt have gotten it done without you.

No worries, glad you were able to get everything else done on Sunday.