body armor

Any advice on body armor? Nailed ftont w Jeep door. Strap off… Body armor seems a quick fix? Any takes?

Nah… lots of us have that same dent. It’s just the first of many. Embrace it. Love it. Own it. :laughing:

The very first thing you need to do (if you plan on wheeling it) is to get the evap canister skid plate. Very cheap and VERY NECESSARY. Skid plates are probably the most important upgrade you can do. You will DEFINITELY need some good quality rock rails too. Diff covers are very important too. If you are thinking about lifting it, make sure that you don’t go so big that your factory warranty is affected.

If you need some good advice, definitely talk to Steve (Texsdream77). He’s our JK expert around these parts. He has broken almost everything on his jeep and knows from experience. He will never steer you in the wrong direction.

Here are a couple ideas to get you started…

I’ve dented just about every panel on my Jeep… exept that one on the top of the fender from the mirrors… hmmm… I guess I have to try harder. Does it count that I’m going to cut a hole through that one for a partial exo cage?

Come on with the Quadra, 4wd, and other mail order places. Support your local shops.

Elias 4WD center 978-597-8432

I have psc crusher corners, there are made from 3/16 steel and totaled the volvo that rear-ended me :sunglasses: … p?f=5&t=99