Boat stands

Does anyone have any that I could borrow? I need to do some work on my trailer.

ill sak my friend she works at a boat yard… how many?

Thanks Jonny but I’m all set. I ended up using tires instead. Pulled the trailer out slowly from underneath the boat and placed them accordingly. Got most of the work done already. Should finish it tomorrow. I’m willing to bet I have the only boat sitting on 33" BFG All Terrains! :laughing:

that i gotta see :laughing:

no pictures = no happen

:laughing: Ok, ok, give me a minute or 2 or 3. This is a new pc and from what little I understand about pc’s, my son says he has to download a program in order to post pics. Probably gonna be easier for you to come over and take your own damn pics! :unamused: I’ll let you know when I’m ready to launch though! :wink:

Here’s the boat after I pulled the trailer out from underneath it.

All the rollers removed, and then some.

Sorry, no more pics but it’s back on the trailer and ready to go. Anyone for some fishing?

i’m always up for some fishing. now if only i could find the free time


I’m definitiley up for some fishing. Just let me know when.

I’ve been having trouble with the overheat alarm on my outboard going off and have not been able to fish one day yet. I put in a new water pump and thermostats every year so should be no problem there. My mechanic and I have run it on the water several times now with the diagnostic computer hooked up and thought we finally narrowed the problem to a bad temperature sensor. Replaced the sensor and it ran fine while we had the computer hooked up so we declared victory. I launched her the next day and no sooner did we clear the breakwater and come up on plane then the alarm goes off. Very frustrating. I’m about ready to trade down to a kayak.

Eric, it sounds as though you have a bad impeller. Although you may still see water shooting out, if the impeller is no good, you will heat up.

Could be but the impeller is brand new; I replace it every year.

The water pressure (measured by the water pressure sensor in the block) also reads good. In fact when we read the temperature directly off the cylinder heads using an ultrasonic thermometer the temps are within spec. There’s just too much technology inside these motors nowadays. I’m starting to wonder if the engine control computer has gone haywire and is setting off bogus alarms.

my buddy saw these guys this morning

oops FAIL!!! :laughing: