Blower moter or Pwr steering pump

I know its a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have an extra AC blower moter or power steering pump for a 99 wranger TJ. 4 cyl. i dont really have the money to go buy a new one before x-mas and i have a long trip to Indiana around then. if you have one let me know how much your willing to let it go for. thankx

I actually have a blower motor, I imagine its the same for 4 vs 6 cyl. Text me 401-556-8107

contact Jeff at Crown Automotive and let him know you are with OSJ and see what he can do.

cool i will holler at you tomorrow about it. without it i would have a cold drive to indiana for x-mas. lol

and thanks, i will talk to them at crown about the pwr steering pump. see what kind of deal he can give me. money is tight during the holidays as im sure all you know.

he will get you the best deal possible