Blood Drive 7/05/2009

[size=200]BLOOD DRIVE[/size]
When: 07/05/2009 07:00 AM - 01:00 PM - EDT
Where: Warwick Donor Center Warwick Medical Building 400 BALD HILL ROAD
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
Who: Everyone
I know some of you are thinking, Why july 5th? It is largly due to the fact that all centers are closed on the 4th for the holiday and the shelf life of each component;

The shelf life of whole blood products is:
•Red Cells - 42 days.
•Plasma - can be frozen for one-year. (but only last 3 days if not &/or after it’s defrosted)
•Platelets - five days.

While most people are eligible to donate blood, only a small percentage of people actually do. Many people defer themselves before even trying because they believe they’re too old, on medication, or some physical condition will disqualify them from donating. In most cases that’s not true.

In general, you need to be:

•In good health.
•17 years of age, with no upper age limitations.
•110 lbs.
Most medications do not keep individuals from donating, nor does:

•A tattoo if it was applied in a licensed establishment by a licensed practitioner and is healed and pain free.
•A heart attack. Most individuals can donate again once fully recovered.
•A breast feeding mother six weeks after an uncomplicated birth.
Certain travel to areas that may be high-risk for malaria or other diseases may defer donors for specified periods of time. For those donors who are world travelers, it is important for us to obtain certain information such as where you are traveling, how you traveled, and the length of your stay. This will help us to determine if and for how long you may be deferred from donating.

The best thing to do as a committed blood donor is to DONATE BEFORE YOU GO!

To assure that you have positive and successful donation experience:
•Drink plenty of healthy fluids (such as water) before and after donating.
•Eat a small meal or snack.
•Do not drink an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages before donation.
•Continue to take prescribed medications.

If you have any eligibility questions please contact QA at (401) 453-8307

Walk-ins are welcome but they are still requesting that we make appointments
Regester as a new donor:
Returning donors can schedual an appointment here:

Made mine for 8:30 in the AM :smiley:

I may do this… don’t think Mike will though. Just let me double check that I have that day off before I commit. This is a great idea… Thanks Jeff!


:open_mouth: this is :open_mouth: sunday :open_mouth:

I will be there as long I don’t have to work. But I wont know for sure until tomorrow night… :neutral_face:

No one else??? :open_mouth:

I don’t do needles :blush:

i drink too much… and after this weekend…

Stephen and I are going to try and get there. Having some new ink applied today, so I don’t know if that will disqualify me. But, we’ll let them decide! It will be good to see a few people…we’ve been out of the loop… :wink:

I know it says 7am-1pm, but what time are people going?

Hopefully early. I know Jeff is going at 8:30. I am trying to get in at 8:45. You can schedule your appointment online. Jeff posted a link.

Just got the 8:45 spot. See you there tomorrow.

I was unable to spend the day, to say hay, but i would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone that came out & donated today

Thanks Jeff. This was a great idea. I’m glad that one of us was able to donate… Hopefully next time they can actually find a vein in me! (August 30th we can go back again…) :slight_smile: