Big River - Earth Day Clean-up Saturday April 21, 2012

West Greenwich Conservation Commision - Earth Day Clean-up Saturday April 21, 2012

Meeting location: 8:30 at the 6A Park & Ride. (Exit 6A off Rt 95 in RI)

The West Greenwich Conservation Commission puts this on every year. NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association) is a HUGE part of this clean-up. Some of us from OSJ went to this clean-up last year with SSW and NEXTERA. It is a HUGE undertaking going on out there. The organization running it does a very nice job. The 4x4s bring a new ability to go after things out in the woods that are not accessible by street vehicles. Last year we filled pick-up truck beds, ute trailers, and the back of Jeeps with Tires, construction debris, and garbage. We finished off with collecting an a large pile of Steel panels from deep in the woods. John brought the steel to a scrap yard and donated the proceeds in the name of the 4x4 clubs to the West Greenwich Conservation Commission. We will be there with other 4x4 clubs again this year.

The clean-up runs from early morning till lunch time. A hot lunch is provided. After lunch, the NEMBA guys go out Mountain Biking. If anyone is into the Mountain Biking thing, there will be lots of people biking.

For anyone interested, We can go wheeling after lunch somewhere nearby.

i"ve attended the last couple years and plan on being there again this year


I should be able to go to this as well!!!

I should be able to make it.

Jeff, have you been in touch with anybody from the West Greenwich Conservation Commission and/or NEMBA? If its not too late, we might consider signing on as a sponsor of the event (i.e. get our name on the t-shirt.) I would be willing to make a personal donation to help cover the cost.

this was my first osj event last year, i should be able to make it again

We have at least 3 people signed up on SSW’s forum so far.

i just drove down the road to tarbox pond, there was soooo much trash along the road it was absolutely disgusting

I’m in! I also have two ATVs with hitches and two trailers. Let me know what’s needed. I know a lot of the trails get tight in there.

im in…


Ill be there

I have a favor to ask of one of you.

Last year we found a car/truck (can’t remember which) half burried about 50’ off the side of Hopkins Hill Rd. It’s not far from the park and ride. It’s at one of the blocked entrances to the sand pits.

The groups organizing the clean-up don’t know where it is. I was hoping that one of the OSJ members might frequent driving down that road, and might possibly take a picture of the site from the street and get the GPS lat/lon location of it so it can be added to the clean-up maps.

We’re going to need a couple to three 4x4’s with winches. A crew with shovels and other hand tools. And most importantly, someone with a car trailer that hopefully has a winch on it.

Last year John Price hauled the steel to a scrap yard and we donated the money back to the clean-up organization. If it works for all parties involved, we can do that again with the cars/trucks that they are finding out there.

i’m fine with that. i can possibly drive by at some point this week but it will be after work. i think i remember where it was so hopefully i can find it again.

I drive down that road all the time and don’t recall the car you describe. I also mountain bike and hike in the area several times per year. There are definitely some junkers down over the hill towards Carr Pond (red-shaded area in the map below).


P.S. There is almost no hope of getting down there with a trailer.

Any luck?

You can count me in for this too. Can’t saw I have any of the requested equipment though. No quad, trailers, winches, etc…just consider me an extra set of hands with a shovel attached!

that helps more than you think it does

You know what I always say . . . you can never have enough guys standing around with shovels in their hands. :mrgreen:

ALMOST? Is that the same area we went to a couple of years ago to chase the old boat? We brought a trailer down that trail. It was tight though.