Big River Cleanup

Saturday April 25th, 8:30 am, Park and Ride at exit 6a (Hopkins Hill Rd) of 95 in West Greenwich RI.

There are a couple of piles of tires back in the woods that we’ll be in charge of retrieving. Also a bounty of stuff along the roads.

I’ll post more information as I get it.

I’m definitely in. I’ve been going to Big River since i moved to RI and haven’t had a chance to give back. It’s one of my favorite places to walk through the woods and fish.

I’m in.

Thanks Jon.

I’m in

You can count us in.
Nice, Thanks Jon!

I was in until I double checked the date :imp: That Saturday is no Good for me

I’ll check my schedule for work to see if i can get it off or have it off. Would love to go.

I cant make it :cry: my first Fishing Tournament of the year is on the Saturday 25.

I’ll be there, Jonnyri if you need a hand i could be you’re co-pilot for that day, let me know :wink: (i was wondering if you’re bringing your truck) :mrgreen:

How did the clean up go? I couldnt make it do to a friend falling ill, had to help his mom out at the farm, he’s having a tough time dealing with it as would anyone that got that kind of news, but im sure he’ll pull out of it and be ok after undergoing a major surgery, please say a prayer for him, he’s been a long time friend of mine (like a brother to me)
Thanks everyone

Saturday April 25th, 8:30 am

:blush: TY :unamused: for some odd reason i thought it was on the April 4th

Nope… still have a couple weeks. :smiley:

Haven’t done this kind of thing before. Do you know about how long we will be out there? Like, should I ask for the whole day off or just the morning/afternoon?

we start around 8:30… usually run out of dumpster room around noon with lunch at the Big River Inn. … r-2009.pdf

Ok. One more question and that is it, I promise.

Do you need us to bring Mike’s pickup? It’s a Dodge Dakota. I could probably borrow a friends bike trailer too if we need to.

Pickups are always welcome… you don’t have to though. the spots where we’ll be taking the Jeeps you won’t want to go with a decent paint job, so if you bring your Jeep it will be parked most of the day.

I’m hoping to make it with with all the kids - they should have a blast (they have helped me the last couple of years doing this).

Just a reminder for anyone who is local that there will be an Earth Day event at the Louttit Library on Sunday 12-4pm. Here’s a link:

This is a great event if you have kids…

  • Mike


We’re going to try to gather scrap metal to recycle for cash and start a fund for next year’s dumpters… so if you’re coming and have a truck bring it! We’ll need a couple of rigs to go into the woods and retrieve some items, but for the most part we’ll need trucks to haul scrap to the yard (about 5 miles away).

OK. I lied. :blush: :unamused:

Should we bring anything? Trash bags, chain saw, etc?