Big River Cleanup 2010

Save the Date - Saturday April 10th

For anyone who doesn’t know - Big River is a large parcel of land managed by the Water Resources Board and DEM in the middle of RI adjacent to 95 in Coventry and West Greenwich. There is no mechanical access - but the mountain bikers are working very hard to gain access. I’ve been involved for several years. 2 years ago the water resource manager road with me all day while we removed 3 abandoned cars.

It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with W.Greenwich (the town is involved), DEM, and other land managers.

RI Nemba had a permit to do a ride within the property last fall (first time ever). They raised $900 and donated it toward this years cleanup - we always run out of dumpsters.

I’ll post more as I get it.

i look forward to helping out again this year. we hauled out some serious crap last year. maybe if they let us in with our jeeps again we can find a trailer to leave on the main service road to pile stuff on rather than putting those nasty tires into our trucks again.

What was wrong with my “sled”? Old siding has a plethora of uses.

Peter was asking how many Jeeps might show up - I think we may have given him some ideas from last year. There are a few items that are way back that he didn’t think we could get to… until he saw that we could.

sign us up… we had a good time last year… other than the knats, but that is to be expected.

I’m in again.

Maybe we should all wear OSJ swag?

And BTW, I went to the RIOHVA board meeting last night and Bob told me they were planning to have a presence at the Big River Clean-up this year.


That’s because the Rhody Rovers were only granted access to a small group while the ground was still frozen because of the damage they’ve done (and left) over the last several years.

PLETHORA!! have we been watching three amigos??

i’ll be there

Count us in again, the kids had fun last year.

&BTW IMO RIOHVA is now a joke

We will be there.

Sign me up, also i have a small trailer i could use but it needs some sides to it, if anyone has any 3/4 in plywood hanging around please let me know

I can bring my truck

what are the dimensions, i may be able to get something from work.

i might be able to snag a piece from work as well

Its a 4x7 only need 3 sides it has a ramp as a tailgate, if someone could grab a few scraps that be great
Thanks :slight_smile:

any word on a date

If its on the 10th of April like earlier posted on this thread i won’t be able to make it, hope its a different date
But if anyone wishes to use my trailer they can do so

Still planning to be there but probably not in my Jeep. Tearing it apart right now; hopefully get the ball joints and axles done today and strip off the damaged body parts. Will need to make a trip to Crown this week for a few misc parts.

we are gonna have to bail on this one. just found out that Mike’s daughter is getting her confirmation on the 10th. Although, standing in knee deep mud, swatting gnats and hauling junk sounds like more fun. Sorry… we really wanted to be a part of this one again.

i’m still in. i think we should bring the trailer. i have a receiver hitch but i don’t have the wiring to plug into. I’ve been meaning to hook it up but don’t know how, i still haven’t researched it. with any luck this will be my shake down run. as soon as everything comes in i think i’m going to take the day off from work and put everything together. come onnnnnn UPS