Bestop Replacement Upper Door Skins

I picked up a set of half doors last week and the guy I bought them from gave me 2 sets of upper door skins with them, one set in Khaki and one in Spice. (It’s just the door skins, no frames.) I have absolutely no use for the Spice uppers as my top is Khaki. (And my daughter’s is black.)

The canvas is in really good shape, except for a minor blemish about 1" long on the edge webbing of the drivers door. The plastic windows are pretty much completely clear with a few light scratches, but would probably be crystal clear if buffed out. There is one small split (about 1 1/2") in the plastic window on the drivers side, but it’s right up against the sewn edge of the zipper and under the outer canvas flap. Looks like the PO put some clear sealer over the split, but you can’t really see it under the flap.

Like I said I have no use for these and I’d hate to see them get all messed up sitting in my garage. Because of the defects I listed above I decided not to sell them. If anyone could use them send me a PM, their there for the taking.