Best tires to use in sand??

sooo I’m going to be doing a lot of driving on the beach at cape cod and in Long Island this spring and summer. Anybody have any idea which tires would be best for my 5inch lifted xj. right now i have BF Goodrich AT Km2’s 32x11.50x15

i dont have much experience with sand but i would guess the BFG’s are a good all around tire. just make sure you air down. maybe look at a quality system for airing back up.

AT’s are generally better than MT’s but MT’s will work. Like Derick said, airing down is key. And just to be clear, you have not even started airing down for the sand until you get to 10 psi.

you are required to air down when you go to the ohv check on the cape i believe it’s either 15psi or lower, not really sure they make dune tires for jeeps so i would say they should be fine

I have yet to test my km2s in he sand but my old kms were great. Just keep in mind tire size is an issue, al least on long island. Pretty sure you cant be bigger than 33s

I going to have 31 nitto dune tires that are made for the sand. Up forsale about 60% of tread. I’m going up to 33. If interested. Let me know google the tires. I can send a pix.

And we haven’t seen them on the trail either . . . .

Whereare the beaches on LI ???

I thought LI was one big beach?

But out toward Montauk for sure