beadlocks and tires

so I think my Christmas present to the jeep this year will be DIY beadlocks and 35" tires. I am thinking about going with the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar sidewalls for the tires.
and for the beadlocks there is a guy on ebay that sells the kit for 205 for 4 wheels not including hardware. what do you guys think?

With bead locks you wont be able to balance your wheels too well and could lead to an interesting ride on the high way. Also I think they are illegal to have on a street registered vehicle in RI, I don’t think you will get pulled over for it. but you might want to make sure your inspection sticker is up to date before you do this mod or at least have a spare set of tires.

As for the MTRs. I would buy my set all over again. I have plenty of rash on the sidewalls with some good chunks missing and still cant believe they are holding air just fine.

My sticker is due in jan so I was planning on getting it before the upgrade. I was also planning on running the 10 oz of air soft beads that I am using in my tires now. Do you think I will still be way out of balance?

You could get them from a vendor on pirate4x4 for 20 bucks cheaper.

I would have to agree on the balance issue. Adding good sized plate of 1/4" mild steel to the outside of an existing rim, I think could throw off the balance of the rim. Factory beadlock rims are balanced accordingly in their design to accommodate the extra weight of the lock ring. The rear tires may not cause a driving issue, but I think the fronts might be a problem on the highway.

All the post I have read say that it is not as big of an issue as you would think and either run the air soft beads or the danabeads. And I will say my tires were bad on the highway before and I added 10 oz of air soft in each tire and it is night and day. It still doesn’t like to go over 70 but its a lot better than it was.

I would like the same gift plz and thank you :stuck_out_tongue:.

My tires are not balanced at all and I have chunks of metal missing from the rock rings. Drives fine.

I really like the allied beadlock rims I have. I have supper swappers on them now which flex and grip like crazy. I have run 35" mtr w Kevlar for a couple of years before buying used beadlocks. Most likely will sell the LTBs and mount the MTRs again this winter. At 10psi the MTRs did well and I too would buy them again

Have you ever had any issues running bead locks? Inspections? Balancing?
I asked the guys that do my inspections and they said they would pass them. They also said as long as the check engine light was off they would pass the jeep for a 30 rack lol