Ball Joint Reccomendations

I am in search of ball joints for my Chevy Dana 44

For those of you unfamiliar with this axle, they’re the type with the upper ball joint having the preload insert.

Nevertheless, I’m less than impressed with Synergy. Cost is pretty high, and they didn’t last longer than any other joint have used in the past with other axles.

I’m looking for some hands on experience with various ball joints.

Tell me what you use, and Why you would or would not use them again.

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Spicer > Synergy > Moog

The above is my experience. I have heard that Xrf is good but have not personally used them.

I had xrf in my Dana 30 for less than a year before I pulls the axles. Not a great test. Those have plastic bearings.

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Teraflex has a lifetime warranty…

Teraflex look great, and are rebuildable. Problem is, they don’t make them for my application. That sucks!!

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Three years on raybestos pro series with great luck on 35/37/40s

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Synergy is out.

"Hi Mike,

Unfortunately we discontinued all of our ball joints besides the 8009-12-01 (JK/WJ) and 4120-01 (TJ/LJ/YJ/XJ/ZJ). "

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Moog. In my jeep and truck still have stock ball joints jeep has 207k dodge has 167k. I always grease them and they keep going

raybestos professional grade ball joints is what I put in the buggy.

Found a lot of people liked them on pirate.