Balancing with BBs

Does anyone balance their tires with BBs?

How it Works:

We need to balance our MT’s and im considering giving this a try. Any suggestions?

i’ve never used them. not really sure who has. have you tried to have them balanced yet?

ive heard that it works, but i also heard that you dont want to use metal bb’s because as the copper wears off, they can rust in clumps, becoming less effective…

ive always wanted to try these

I have used “equal” and it works awsome! and yes rubber bb’s, not metal.

thats how they do it on big rigs

[i][b]The principle behind the “BBs” is that as the tire rotates, centrifugal forces will move the BBs to the area that is not in balance. The only difference between that and “regular” balancing is that as the tires wear the BB’s will always seek out the un-balanced area. I have a friend that drives a T&T and he has had both good & bad results using BBs. It depends on how far out of balance the tire/wheel combo is.

In my further research on the topic, I found a “balancing chart” for different tires sizes, etc for using “BB’s” (see Link).[/b][/i]

I used them on a lifted cj-7 with 33" swamper tsl’s, and I liked it.

Whats balancing? :laughing:

lol… i have no weights on my tires and dont have any issues

bump because i’ll be trying this, this weekend.

cant wait to hear how they work

i hope you have good luck with them… i might buy some to throw in mine

I heard also that they work (rubber bb’s) if im not mistaking the guy i got my 32’s from had said to put in 8 oz’s and he seemed to like them, but i went to my buddy’s shop and mounted and balanced them myself with regular weights, was not an issue they balanced out first shot, good luck