got these axles need them gone ill sell them cheap to another osj member

Jay freejeep? Bill willyb? Is this the axle I need?

If you have 3.55 gears then yes. We will need to cut off the link/coil brackets then weld on leaf pads and shock mounts. Exactly what Jay did.

I’m not sure what he means by “shitty axle vaccum disconnect removed” . If its a vaccum disconnect axle that has been covered then I would not get it. Find an axle without. They are everywhere. In fact I have one sitting in my yard.

he is looking for the long axel shaft from a Cherokee with out vacuum disconnect the long side…these are hole set of axels…he is looking to get rid of the 2 piece axle…90YJ I have the axle you need 30 bucks is yours and its the one with the big ujoint off a 93 Cherokee with abs …the abs ring does not matter on yours they just put the big ujoint in the ones with abs let me know if u want it

yeah the vacuum disconnect has been covered and the one piece axle shaft added

I thought vaccuum disconnects disappeared from Cherokees in like the 80’s?

If it fits, I’ll take it! Is that the same size ujoint as on the 95 wranglers because that’s what my d30 is off of? When and where could I pick it up?

Rember u will need that seal also.I’m a hike from u .I’m going to the nov meeting if that helps.

Its from a 98

i thought YJ’s had the vacuum disconnected.

if you have a HP D30 without the disconnect it likely has coil spring perches, track bar mount and swaybar links because thats a cherokee setup.

if anyone has a cherokee axle without the disconnect i’ll buy it. i dont care what ratio it has

According to Google, Cherokees had disconnects from 84 to 92.

not all mine is a 90 and does not have it…and axle is factory