Axle Shims

Hey guys,

Im in need of a set of rear axle shims for a YJ w/ a D35. 6 degrees is best, would prefer nothing more than that.


I have a set. Steel, 6 degrees.

FWIW, shims were nothing but trouble for me. I finally ditched them and bought new perches, in order to set the correct pinion angle and have a solid union between axle and spring.

12 pack of Sam Light will get it done. I’m in Warwick

Does this mean you might come wheeling this weekend?

Not with my jeep, but I’ll be there without one!

I still havn’t replace the rear shackle mount sections of the frame, but thats happening either this week or next, so it should be ready soon!

trevor, i still owe you those shims…

I have a set! I found them today while putting spare parts in the garage if you still need them text me