Axle bracket kit for 8.8 swap --- SOLD

The brackets have been SOLD.

I’m selling a complete rear axle bracket kit for an 8.8 swap. I purchased the kit a few months ago with the intention of using it for my D44 swap. Unfortunately, the brackets do not fit my 2.75" D44 tubes very good since they are cut for the larger (3.125" or 3.25") 8.8 tubes. The kit is intended for a TJ but should work for any 8.8 swap into a 5-link suspension. I paid $250 from Mad4WD. Rubicon Express and Teraflex are selling what appears to be the exact same bracket kit for $350. I’d like to get $175. Here is the picture:

In the meantime I’ve pretty much decided to go with a Clayton’s long arm kit. Since Clayton’s kit converts the rear to a 4-link set-up I will no longer need the JKS adjustable rear track bar that I just purchased for $160 plus shipping. As far as I know this track bar only fits ZJ’s. I’ll entertain any reasonable offer.

How old is the trac-bar? How much are you looking to get for it? I need one.

The track bar is brand new and has not been installed. I also have a spare set of bushings (paid $10 extra for them).

Right now I am waiting for the bill to get my boat commissioned before pulling the trigger on the long arm kit. If I do go long arm then the track bar can go.

I’d like close to what I paid.

PM sent