AW4 Line replacement

I am going to try and replace the two transmission cooling lines Saturday. Once I have the new lines in, is there anything specific I need to do to bleed them and get the air out? Or will this just happen naturally and all that will need to be done is topping off the ATF fluid that I lost replacing the old lines?

When I installed the AW4 into my TJ, all I had to do was connect the lines and fill up the trans. Keep a bucket nearby as some fluid will come out of both the trans and radiator cooler but not a lot.

I would recommend that if you have not done a fluid change that you do it at this time. You can do it with or without dropping the pan. how I did mine was to fill the trans and then disconnect the pressure line and place this into an empty bucket. Start the jeep and watch for the fluid to start to slow down. Shut off the jeep and refill the trans. Keep doing this until the fluid is red and clear. took me maybe 15 minutes tops to do it myself.

This is also a great time to add in an external cooler and a temp gauge…

Last tranny I replaced there were no bleed instructions. We installed the lines and off we went with it.

Just swap lines pretty easy. No bleeding needed.

i can swing by Sat if you need moral support. last time i did trans lines it was on a Mazda 323…

Feel free to come over any time past 10. I want to also see if I can figure out my steering issue.

I had no problem figuring out my steering issue:

well this build has now turned into a whole AW4 replacement. As I was replacing the lines I had to go to NAPA and get a new part that holds the line and then screws into the transmission. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice the chamfer on it so as I kept screwing it in I ended up cracking the housing to the transmission.

I already have the old one out and the new one is in hand and waiting to be installed.

The few questions I have is before I just put the “new” one in are there any mods/rebuilds I should do. I was told the transmission had 122K when pulled from the Jeep. My plan is to eventually rebuild the engine and make it a 4.7L so I would rather make sure the transmission can handle the extra power now rather then tarring all apart again when it comes time to rebuild the motor. My plan for the motor is to do it in about 2 or 3 years.

I know that I should at least put a bigger cooler in, does anyone have one they like/ don’t like?

You can use a ZJ or WJ one that has stacked plates instead of fins.

From what I read on many site the AW4’s worst enemy is heat. Adding a cooler will help in that aspect. Make sure you run it through the cooler in the radiator or you might have fluid that is to cold or take a long time to heat up in the winter. I installed a temp gauge when I did the conversion and so far it has not climbed over 100 all winter. Once it went up to 130’s during a wheeling…