AW4 and SYE/driveshaft question

I am in the process of gathering all the parts to switch out the AX5 for an AW4 auto. I have the trans and all the other parts from a 99 Cherokee but have a couple questions:

  1. a super short sye is needed due to the AW4 being 1.25 longer. I plan to get this from JB Conversions. My question is on the driveshaft. Do I wait until I do the 4 inch lift to order the right length or is there little difference between a 3" and 4" lift as far as driveshaft length is concerned? I have a 3" lift now but will be bumping up to 4 to go to 35’s

  2. the front driveshaft will be to short with the LP30. Would it be better to lengthen my driveshaft now or buy and install a HP30? Several people on other forums have used the stock driveshaft with the HP30 claiming it was long enough.

That’s it for now. More later I’m sure.

Edited for stupid spelling errors

i still use my stock front driveshaft and i went from LP to HP and have about 4" of lift. i would wait and see how everything lines up before ordering a new one. worse case you can go somewhere local and have yours shortened. The rear you may need to do work on but again i would wait. worse case on there you wont be able to wheel till you get a new one but still should be able to street drive.

You should have grabbed the HP 30 from jet when you where there

I would of but it wouldnt of fit in the back of the Tj. Plus he wasn’t sure on the ratio.