armor and stiffners

I want to get my new gas tank skid, transfer case skid, quarter panel armor and unibody stiffners on this weekend. Im doing most of the prep work this week after my son goes to bed at night but need some extra hands saturday after 4pm or anytime sunday. I also need someones help welding the stiffners on since I dont have a welder of my own yet. Anyone want to help?

This weekend is fall crawl most of us will be up north

I know. I was hoping I wasnt the only one who could make it.

Head count is 22…

I may be able to lend a hand depending when I leave work, PM me your #

I might be able to help. Going to pick up XJ for my son friday and try to get some of the work done Sat. AM.
I will let you know for sure if I can come later this week.

I might be able to come by., I’ll message you on Facebook later in the week for address

I could help, just so you know it took me all day to weld on phil’s

just so you know, ricky does some real nice welding

X2 on that I can’t believe how well he welded on my stiffners

x3 on that lol Ricky welded on my Jeep a few times and always did a good job.

Any update on this, is it happening still? I’m working tomorrow but will be out early as I’m only finishing up something. Someone text me info time and location 401 280 5638

Ill be working on it tomorrow ill post my info in the members contact