Are all WJ V8's All wheel drive

Hey guys I have been looking a WJ’s, even tho im not buying for a while. Every WJ i find that is V8 is all wheel drive. Is only the I-6 the only one with a selectable transfer case?

i’m not sure of anything WJ. Eric will be back soon, he might know

Standard equipment was the full-time NV 247 (which BTW is an EXCELLENT transfer case). It was possible to get the NV 242 as an option for some model years, typically on the lower trim levels such as the Sport. The NV 242 has 4FT, 4PT, 4LO, and 2WD.

Eric do u know with the all wheel drive do they make a good trail rig. My goal is to get a 4 dr jk but if not I want an v8 wj. Thanks


Mine was ok off road… but you run into the issue as if you were to have limited slips front and rear instead of lockers, on the upside though, the on road handling in in-climate weather was amazing. Doing 55 up the Kancamangus with 3 buddies and all our stuff for a 3 day snowboarding trip with light snow/sleet was like driving on dry tarmac…and that was with stock tires!

If you really want the 2wd option 2001-2002 Laredo V8s came with a 242HD…there’s one at K and R auto salvage in North Providence for $300 dollars…it only has 30,000 miles on it…You will need the shaft from that Jeep as well, as the Np247 shaft is 2.5" to long…they want $75 for the shaft… The linkage is attached to it too, which you will also need because you are going from 4full time/Neutral/4low part time to a T-case which will have 2wd/4Hi part time/neutral/4hi all time/4lo part time
I had my eyes on this but wrecked my WJ…as of last week they still had it.

You’ll increase your mpg while saving your front end from the massive amount of stress from the full time…and as a little piece of extra info in case you change front shafts as well…1999-2001 WJs are CV front shaft and 02-04s are U joint

I know the last thing you would want to do after buying a new WJ is tear it down like that, but I just wanted to put the option out there if you go the WJ route