Anywhere to get good GOOD parts locally?

Hey everyone!

Suddenly realized my rear brakes needs to be replaced. Want to do the rotors along with the pads, and would really like to get it done this weekend while I have time and nice weather (no garage).

Problem is, I’m only really aware of NAPA and Autozone for replacement parts, but I want to avoid using generic duralast or NAPA pads and rotors. I’d rather have something a bit more quality/performance. I’m not looking for racing parts, but something better than bottom of the barrel generic parts since I am running nearly 100lbs per wheel/tire.

Is there any other good parts stores in RI that would actually stock a selection of brake pads / rotors? Same question really applies to all spare parts. I don’t mind autozone/napa for some things, but there are times I’d like a greater selection to choose from and be able to pick up locally rather than plan out maintenance a week+ ahead of time when I need to order parts online.

Thanks for any input!

Some possibilities:

M&H Performance in Coventry
The Drivers Seat (Warwick and I think they have a place in East Providence)

I swear by Hawk HPS brake pads but you can’t go wrong with the premium parts from NAPA either.

One of the guys in SSW works for Autopart International right near the Lincoln Mall across from North Central Airport.

That’s where all my brake stuff has come from lately. Good parts, and really good pricing. Jeff at Metro Jeep in Johnston has been really good too.