Anyone near warwick/coventry with an impact gun?

Just wondering if anyone is around today that would be willing to help. I just need to do the U joint on my front drive shaft real quick. I figured I don’t have a vise so I could just rent a ball joint/U joint press if someone is willing to lend a hand with the impact gun. I would like to try and get it done some time this morning if possible just to get it out of the way. I am willing to bring who ever helps me some beer on saturday (I am to broke to buy it today haha). Let me know and I will come to you. Drive shaft is already out and so are the clips so it should be fast. Thanks!

whats the impact gun for? i can help you later on tonight after i get out of work (5pm). i just use my trusty C-clamp… worked for my drive shaft ujoints the other week and i rebuilt my spare axle shaft this past weekend.

The impact is for the press…I tried a C clamp and it doesn’t seem like it is going to budge.

Edit* Just broke my C clamp :laughing:

Bring the shaft and the new joint to me, I have a couple vices. 401-523-3292


how did the inspection go? is that y ur doin ball joints?

driveshaft ujoints

i think he said in an other thread he’s all inspected now

oops lol, my attntion to detail is not so good, i saw ball joint press so ball joints stuck in my mind :wink:

Thanks again John, inspection is all set. Just doing the U joint because it was starting to click. I will HOPEFULLY be sitting on some 33s before the weekend!

Edit* Forgot to say the U joint is all set! Thanks again for offering to help Derick!

np, how did you end up getting it done?

My landlords son was here doing a junk car and had an electric impact. Hardest part was getting the damn second clip back in after the new joint was in.

some light sand paper and some grease, your good to go.

alex, i have one

your welcome. :unamused: :laughing:

Holy shit dude I am so sorry. I did not even see your post. Your offer is very much appreciated too!!!

Ricky, it’s all done but thanks bro.

:laughing: its all good.