Anyone have a Warn winch??

Im trouble shooting my Warn 8000 that works intermittenly. I bypassed the remote and solonoids and the motor works fine in both directions which means its either the remote or the solonoids. If anyone has a Warn winch 5 pin remote please let me know so i can drive out and plug it in so i can see if its the remote or the solonoids.

we can test the remote with a continuity tester

Good idea on the meter I will give that a shot. I also found an article that explains how to test the solenoids with a volt meter and I’m gonna give that a shot tonight to test them. Basically it says when the solonoid energizes i should have 12 volts across the large lugs and when actuated i should have 12 volts across the two small lugs. I think I have that right.

if you need help let me know, im an electrician

When I tested it with my meter last night I had 12 volts between the positive and ground but when I pushed the remote switch I only got 3/4 of a volt across two of the solonoids in forward and same 3/4 of a volt on the other 2 in reverse.

hmmm… i would have to see it… not enough information

Just let me know where and when your available I would appreciate the help.

im free tomorrow… and im in west warwick

Thanks for the help today. While we didnt get it fixed we narrowed the problem down a bit more.

so what do u have it narrowed down to?

Well the motor is good. The selonoids are also good so its either the wiring to the selonoids from the remote cap or the remote itself. I still need to get my hands on a 5 pin Warn remote and I hear there is a shop in New Bedford somewhere that has them so if I can find it I can test to see if thats it.

cant u test the controller with a continuity test? do u have a voltmeter? u might need a wiring diag of the controller but it shouldnt be too hard to figure out

Yes we did that today and while we had continuity where and when we should on the pins coming out of the remote. But when hooked up to the cap we werent actually getting the voltage.

hmmm, well it seems like its not in the remote then. whats the issue? it works intermittently?

on the 5 pin there is:

ground to remote
ground from remote
12V to remote
12v switch leg from remote for IN
12v switch leg from remote for OUT.

for the OUT solenoid it seems to be a ground from remote issue. we used a jumper to by pass the ground to/from remote ground to the solenoids, and it worked like a charm.

this didn’t fix the IN solenoids however.
while for the IN solenoid it seems to be a 12v switch leg problem. we would get 12 from the remote, but the 12v signal would disappear once you landed it on the solenoid. it was acting like it was an induced 12V.

so before completely rewiring the winch, i suggested that we try an other remote… it that doesn’t work, we can rewire the winch, and install in cab controls for convince while we’re there

Ok here is the latest… I bypased the groud loop in the remote and by doing this the remote worked in taking the line in but wouldnt spool it out. So next I removed the remote from the plug ontop of the winch and used a jumper wire and was able to get the winch to work both in and out so I have finally found the issue which is the 5 pin Warn remote.

thats good. so you ordered a new one right?

Yes I ordered a new one last night for under 70 bucks. The funny part is when I went to help the guy in N Kingstown get his JK out of the mud the other guy there had a Warn 8000 winch and i tried his remote and it worked perfectly so I now have confirmation it was remote.

that or u could just wire it inside the cab and forget the remote

that was my suggestion… but still possible