Another new guy from Burrillville

New to the site, refered by 00xjri…Just wanted to give a quick intro. Been doin the jeep thing for just over a year now and lovin it. (even tho the wifey hates it)
got a 98/2k tj with 33’s 4" lift and a 12klb winch as my toy, and an 03 wrangler x as a daily driver.

welcome to the forum



Had to put up a couple pix of the toy…

Mud. Ugh. :mrgreen:

Nice pic, maybe next time you won’t listen to me when i tell you, yeah let’s do it

there will always be a voice behind you saying “you can make that”

four of the five voices in my head say do it.

LMAO…I did learn something that day…Never listen to the passenger!!! Especially when it’s not his rig. It was a great time though and I’d try that same hole again…

I’ve never seen anyone make it thru that hole!

Try and try again…

Welcome to the forum

lmao. you know you’d listen to me again if i said let’s do it. well now you gotta find a new copilot…lol. oh wait now i gotta find a copilot too!!!