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Hey Everyone… I’ve had my 1994 YJ for about a month now, and just trying to get it road worthy and inspected. It runs and drives, but not legally yet:) I bought it as a project, not a daily driver, but i do want to drive it! Right now its pretty much stock (4.0) except for some larger tires and a bumper mounted jack. It has some rust and rot, but over all in pretty good shape. Just trying to get a good base to build on. The PO neglected it pretty bad, so lots of things were broken or just really worn… So far i have replaced the exhaust (including CAT), Rotors/pads/calipers, rear brake lines, ebrake, new wiper motor, new blower motor, door seals, seat belt buckle… Getting the front drivers frame fixed as we speak, and hopefully a floor pan welded this weekend. Think it needs new tierods maybe ball joints, and shocks as well… The first actual mod ill probably do is a basic body lift since the stock mounts are shot. No plans to do serious off roading but who knows!

Welcome to the Form, I’m up in coventry near the ANG base

Welcome to the forum… How’d you hear about us?
We have lots of events coming up. Check them out and hope to see you out there soon.


@Staceyface1, I posted something in the RI page and Technohead told me to check OSJ out…

Wecome to the forum.

ya, like Stacey said, we have a ton of event coming up weather you wheel or not. we have plenty of members that don’t actually wheel so there is plenty of opportunity to meet some new people. We have a decent collective of knowledge and experience so if you have any questions dont hesitate to shout them out. If you need any help getting the Jeep ready post up, most of us are willing to help for beer.

@Derek, That’s great to hear, there is a lot of info out there, but sometimes just having someone else there is better… I used to wrench a lot about 15 years ago (i had an '88 Comanchee), but started buying new cars and never needed to do much. I moved to Coventry and have a garage now, and not that i have time, i wanted a new project… I love doing this stuff, and have a good amount of tools, but don’t weld, and that’s one of the big things i need fixed at this point…

@PhAnderson, I’m a little further down off of Maple Valley Road

Welcome! Glad you made it over.

<[size=85]cough, cough[/size]> Paul.


nice I’m right off Town Famr rd near 117

Hello and welcome to the forum!!

Welcome to the forum…


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Just seeing if you are awake Paul!

Welcome to the forum