Another from Western Mass.

Oh boy… there goes the neighborhood! lol Hello Everyone! I figured it was time to stop in and say hello! My names Dave and I’m from Western Mass, I am currently working on repairing a 97 ZJ so I haven’t wheeled it yet. My last one was a TJ on 33’s, locked/locked, long arms. Had a blast with it! Stepped over to this ZJ in the fall, its kinda like a rolling couch, only short bus sized. Suiting for me… lol But miss the top and doors off.

Its got 35’s, Clayton Long Arms, 6.5" lift, RocKrawler Steering, AGR Steering Box, KOR Radiator Support, ARB Bull Bumper, Warn M8000, HPD30 w/ARB, 8.8 w/Detroit TruTrac, 4.56’s, AtlasII 3.8:1, Powertank. Mostly a stocker, kinda bus sized.

Here’s a poser shot and one from the PO


Welcome to the forum. You know a few bolts and some precise cuts and we could take care of your problem with the doors and roof. :confused: :smiling_imp:

:laughing: Well… while I miss the roofless idea, I’m kinda partial to it at the moment. Ask me again when its sunny out. lol I’m still considering the door hinge trick. Not overly familiar with it, but interested. Have to make a plug for the window/lock power wires too.

Cut a couple of pins, fabricate a quick disconnect for the power cables in the door and your all set. I’m gonna be doing that same thing (removable doors) on my XJ soon.

The pin/bushings are smoked on my drivers door already. So maybe not a bad idea.

My doors are a mess. I’m gonna give it a try though. i have the " crimped wires in the harness from the door opening and closing" problem.

by far it was the best mod I did to my XJ.

Fixed it for you. :mrgreen:

Welcome Dave. Haven’t seen ya for a while.

ya, sounds stock, lol. nice looking rig.

Nice lookin rig…Welcome…

Haha yea that looks better! Lol.

Hi Eric! Ya it’s been a while. I been incognito. :sunglasses:

Well… Mostly stock. :smiling_imp: Either that or I just drive it like its stock. Lol Thanks though!

Thank you!

I have a set of “new to me” tires in Attleboro waiting to find their way west to me too. Just gotta pick em up to replace these ones.

Nice looking ZJ

Thank you! I checked out your thread too, thats a bad a** looking ZJ you have too! I hope mine grows up like that someday. :laughing:

Welcome to the forum


Thanks guys! I continue to work on this pig till its ready to go. Of course with a jeep its a continious process anyways. I need a magnet to drag behind me to pick up all the parts that break. :laughing:
In the last week I changed the upper control arm bushings, what a pain in the arse that was. Corrected the track bar bushing, still need to cut the axle end apart to get the bolt out. And put on new sway bar discos for the front. Tonight will be new rear shocks. This weekend pick up some tires hopefully.

Well I ended up blowing a tire over the weekend so I had no choice but to go fetch my new tires. Crappy part was the only thing I could use at the last minute was go borrow my parents 4 day old Honda CRV! lol I was expecting to have to leave a tire or two behind and get them later with my Jeep… but somehow we managed to make them all fit!

Got them installed Sunday Morning. I’m not sure I like the blackwall look yet? But its growing on me. Looks more purpose built that way. lol But I’ll switching them over to my other steelies and getting rid of the soft 8’s.

I also got some new nitro shocks for the rear. They are longer than the ones I had but same length compressed. So they should work pretty good.

The Jeep rides a ton better now with those new tires and new rear shocks! Holy cow what a difference that makes! Cant wait to wheel it!!

ahhhh new tires and shocks. i really need to get some for my rig. its like driving a wobbly horse drawn carriage.