Alternator needed

On my way home tonight as luck would have it my damn alternator froze up :open_mouth: :unamused: i was wondering if anyone had a stock one that they no longer needed, i have the AMC 4.0L dont know if Chrysler is the same as far as mounting bracket :question:
Joe sr.

joe i can prolly get u one for chesp/free. just gotta wait till monday to call my friend

That be cool, thanks Jonny

Jack’s in Bristol got a couple Jeeps for CFC I think and there may be some stuff left over from them

Got one in my garage off my 95 4 liter. You can see if it fits. I won’t guarantee a long life, but if it fits it’s yours.

i can get u one… $25. free is better if jons fits lol. if not let me know

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:
When can i stop by Jon and pick it up?
I understand that it does not come with a warranty lol but that’s ok :wink:

When do you think i can pick it up?

It’ll be in the passenger side floor of my Jeep in about 5 minutes. Grab it any time.

On second thought… it’s there. It worked when I took it out, but I can’t get it to spin by hand now… it might just have some surface corrosion built up. I shot it with Seafoam, so it might break loose and be fine… it might be total garbage now… dunno. Still yours if you want it.

Thanks Jon i will swing by your house at some point today and grab it