almost ready to lift my tj few questions first

Ok so I compiled a bunch of parts over the last year piecing together a lift for the tj. Here is what I’ve got

3" BDS Lift Springs
stock jk shocks (should be good for 3" lift with minor mods
Fixed lower control arms for 3" of lift (need bushings)
Teraflex quick disconnects for 2-6" lift (thanks Eric and Rowan)
rough country adjustable front track bar … _7572.html just ordered new TRE for it
and a Rock Krawler X-Factor HD steering

So aside from extended brake lines what am I missing? any advice on where to get bushings? Company is now defunct but the bushings are
1 3/4" across for a 9/16 bolt… would a suspension shop be able to make them? Lookinf for any advice I can get thanks guys!

1.) Bump stop extensions
2.) You probably don’t NEED extended brake lines. Relocating the mounting tab should do.
3.) I’d highly recommend trying to find Clevite bushings that will fit. Don’t screw around with poly bushings. Try Clayton, Summit, PolyPerformance, etc.

cody i needed a rear trac bar relocater bracket for my 3" lift that i just did.i was told to get yj brake lines they would fit but eric has a good point just relocating the hose bracket i think would be enough i bought extended lines and did not put them in yet and the factory does look like its long enough…

I have a set of Rubicon Express LCAs that need bushings if those are easier to source.

We maxed out my jeep on the RTI ramp with the (about) 3" lift - and the brake lines were fine.

If you need a drop pitman arm I’ve got one, just had to go to an extreme drop. You can have it, let me know.

i dont run extended bumpstops and haven’t had a problem. but yes on the rear relocation bracket. what are you doing about rear pinion angle?

I hadn’t thought to much about pinion angle… I have a transfer case drop kit but idk how I’ll get the skid off a few nutserts were spinning. I’m also thinking of buying that 231 with sye installed that wad listed on facebook

not a bad deal for an extra tcase and sye

Ok one more question. Will rear adjustable upper control arms help with pinion angle?

My understanding its the uppers ones you want

Anything adjustable is better than nothing.


Adjustable lowers to set wheelbase and adjustable uppers to dial in pinion angle.

at the very least adjustable uppers to get your pinion angles right.

Managed to score a set of rear adjustable uppers tonight. So just rear track bar left. Thanks for the help

Now lets lift that beotch. Less than 3 weeks until the camp-n-wheel!! Next Sunday works for me.

Picked up a set of front lowers (with good bushings) and rear upper adjustable arms off ebay. One of the rears needs a super easy weld. I also got an adjustable rear track bar. I’ve got everything I need (I hope) I’m going to try and get my new to me tires mounted tomorrow. :smiley:

Your goal is to have this ready for the camp n wheel. Correct?

I don’t see it happening but possibly. I need a new exhaust too… damn inspection

Registered in RI?

Inspection is optional. Lifting is easily achievable.