Alignment and inspection shop in Harrisville??

Does anyone know of a shop in or around Harrisville that can do an alignment and inspection on my 98 wrangler? My main concern is the inspection since my wrangler is lifted 3" with a 1-1/4 body lift and 33" duratracs (5-3/4 over stock height). Since this lift is over the RI legal limits, I need a shop that doesn’t really pay attention to that. I know just about anyone can do the alignment. Thanks!

for the alignment i would go to arts frontend on front st in woonsocket.( near the doll house)
for the inspection i would go to the sunoco station on 146 near the car dealers. they are jeep guys.

srxj here on the forum has a shop off 146 somewhere that works on 4x4’s maybe he can help you out. send him a PM for details on the shop. i brought my Jeep to Firestone last time and they passed me with a 4" lift and 33’s you should be ok to get passed.

Ask Jay B (BigDog) we live in harrisville, and he knows the garages. I’ll tell him to check the forum

Thanks guys! I would hate to fail inspection after all this work!!!